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Blog trackbacks

Looking for blog trackbacks?

Generally speaking, I allow blog trackbacks on my non-review posts. That means if I write something like 7 ways to get rid of plastic taste or how to clean a coffee maker, blog trackbacks are allowed. Feel free to link to those pages and you’ll get a blog trackback link! If your blog looks like a steaming pile of spammy garbage I’ll probably remove the trackback, but if it’s a legit blog with real content then it will be allowed.

Look under the Product Help & Tutorials category for posts that allow trackbacks.

Everything below this point is just fluff for the god we call Google, so no need to keep reading.

I allow blog trackbacks!
Come on, Google! Help a brother out!

So why are blog trackbacks so awesome? Well, it’s an easy, slam-dunk way to get a reciprocal link. All you have to do is link to a blog post that’s (hopefully) relevant to whatever you’re writing about, and a blog trackback will happen automatically on the blog you’re linking to.

Blog trackbacks are just one way of boosting your page ranking. I am also open to trading links and trading guest posts. The point of all this is to let Google know that other websites consider your content (and mine) to be highly relevant. If the relevance is demonstrated, then you should rise in the search rankings naturally. It doesn’t happen overnight, but every little bit you do helps. Sure, you could try fooling the search gods into thinking your site should be ranked higher, but those “black hat” tactics can get you banned from searches altogether. I confess that I don’t fully understand everything that can land you in Google’s doghouse, but as long as you’re not paying some clown to get you ranked overnight then you should be fine. Build links over time, make sure the links are relevant, and watch your traffic grow. That’s the idea anyway. Blog trackbacks are one way of building those links, and certainly there are other methods you can try out as well.

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