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Coffee Blog Guest Post

A great coffee blog guest post opportunity!

For any coffee blog guest post I follow the standard expectation of:

(1) a good quality article that doesn’t reference your site in any way or contain any links in the body, and

(2) a little blurb about you, and a link to your blog (of course!), at the end of the article.

Regardless of what gets written, I will put my affiliate links all over whatever you write for my site and you can do the same with whatever I write for yours. I am open to product reviews written by guests, but even better would be some kind of Top 5 or Top 10 list, or perhaps a How To article. Search engines eat that stuff up. Anyway, I will write for you the same type of content you write for me.

If you’re interested in doing a coffee blog guest post…and remember, it’s an exchange, so I will do one for your site as well (not optional!)…just head over to my Contact page.

Everything below this point is just search engine fluff, so you should only read it if you’re incredibly bored!

coffee blog guest post

The fabled coffee blog guest post is even more rare than the coffee blog link exchange. We’re all so busy doing our own things that writing content for other websites just seems like a time waster. Well, it might look that way, anyway. It’s certainly not a waste of time at all. An inbound link from a highly relevant site is worth 1,000 links from useless off-topic sites and ghost blogs that you made 10 seconds ago. Also, we’re trading content so really nobody’s wasting any time at all! You write content, you get content. It’s just not the same content you wrote. The coffee blog guest post is a great way to tell our robot overlords that your site belongs higher in the search rankings.

Here are a few tips for writing an effective coffee blog guest post:

  • Write your coffee blog guest post in your own natural voice. Your name will be at the end of the article, so it is completely appropriate for you to use your own style.
  • Use good spelling and grammar! Sometimes a writer’s personal style demands a little nonconformity in this department, but generally speaking your grammar and spelling shouldn’t detract from the content.
  • Be sure to include a few appropriate images with your coffee blog guest post. I might change them (and you might change mine), but at least it gives me a sense of exactly what you’re talking about, just in case it’s a topic or product I’m not familiar with.
  • Don’t include your logo or any kind of branding in your images. I’ll follow this same suggestion.
  • Focus on writing a high quality article. It doesn’t have to win a Pulitzer Prize, but it should be the kind of content you would be proud to display on your own site. A coffee blog guest post exchange only works if both parties put in a similarly committed effort.
  • Write at least 500 words! Please and thank you.

That’s it! Please let me know if you’re interested in doing some SEO that we can both benefit from.

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