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Coffee Blog Link Exchange

Let’s do a coffee blog link exchange!

If you are looking for a coffee blog link exchange, I am open to different types of link exchanges. This means that we can agree to simply trade comments (you comment on one of my posts, I comment on one of yours), or we can exchange sidebar links. Please don’t ask me to put your link in my sidebar while you bury my link in your footer or on some obscure page.

If you’re interested in working with me, head over to the Contact page and hit me up!

There is no need for you to read beyond this point unless you’re a robot who wants to know if this page is relevant to doing a coffee blog link exchange.

coffee blog link exchange
Let’s do a coffee blog link exchange!

Doing a coffee blog guest post is great, but if you’re not ready for that then a coffee blog link exchange is also very beneficial. It’s really too bad that more coffee blogs don’t offer this option right up front. We’re all basically doing the same thing, trying to get ranked and build our SEO profiles, so it makes sense for owners of coffee blogs to help each other. Some coffee blogs are about actual coffee while others, like this one, are geared towards making affiliate sales, but there’s no reason we can’t help each out. Even if we’re competing for the same audience, there are so many coffee drinkers out there that there’s plenty of audience to go around. The coffee blog link exchange is also a great way for owners of coffee blogs to get in touch with link-minded people to share experiences with. Maybe we can even share advice! If you own a coffee blog of your own, maybe you’re getting an idea from what I’m doing here. Or maybe you think what I’m doing is stupid. I really don’t know. Still, I like “meeting” people online who have the same ideas that I do. I also don’t mind sharing my experiences. It’s what makes us human.

It is worth noting that doing a coffee blog link exchange does have one big potential pitfall, though. There might be bloggers who accept a link exchange and then quietly take down the link they’re supposed to be showing on their site. That’s not cool. This is why I occasionally check every link exchange to make sure it’s still being honored. Speaking of honor, that’s the system that I prefer for doing any coffee blog link exchange. I know there’s link tracking software out there that can alert me when a reciprocal link has disappeared, but that’s just one more thing to manage. If I somehow get to the point where I have dozens or even hundreds of link exchanges in place then maybe I’ll start thinking about software tracking. Until then, it just seems unnecessary. Also, I like the idea of having faith in my fellow humans. Yes, I’m going to check up on links every so often, but part of that is curiosity about what other coffee blog owners are doing. Checking on link exchanges gives me a chance to see what other bloggers are writing about. Some might even be doing SEO stuff that I’d like to adopt. Who knows, I might learn something!


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